Make-to... what?


Many of you have asked, and we thought it's time to address!

While the concept of make-to-order may seem remarkably unfamiliar, it is actually a term which means that your design will only be put into making AFTER we received your order

So why?

L E S S   W A S T A G E

Having been in the bridal scene for quite a while (if you don't know yet, yes, we're the team behind Amanda Lee Weddings! ), we want to carry forth a more economic friendly way of bridal shopping to an online platform; one that is not only wallet-friendly, but also does not compromise on design and quality.

When a design is under make-to-order, we produce the right amount that feeds the demand. Some of our designs, however, still works on a pre-production basis. But we've kept the production quantity low, so you can be sure you're getting a piece that is not massively over-produced (and not to mention unexpected clashing outfits!)

Shop- AmeliaAndrea, and Megan (all available in white and blush) for make-to-order

Designs at ALO is simplified as compared to the gowns you see at Amanda Lee Weddings. It enables you to re-wear them after an occasion, and not feel like you're over, or underdressed in it. That being said, if a bespoke gown is what you're looking for, don't shop them online! Head down to Amanda Lee Weddings for a different set of experience. 


We understand the importance of reflecting you and your partner's personality in an engagement shoot. And while trying to keep it simple, we also understand the demand of many brides-to-be out there who are looking for something with quality, without breaking the bank.

For an intimate engagement shoot where couples can really interact and be themselves, we think many photographers out there will agree that sometimes, the bridal gown can be a real challenge. With the lens on you, and perhaps a camera-shy husband-to-be, a big gown with a long train may not necessarily be something you want to battle with. That said, we are 100% for keeping the magic of your wedding gown for the big day itself, where memories are forever etched in your hearts.

Long sleeve full lace dress as seen on Pearlyn, wore with an Amanda Lee Weddings skirt over. (Available in cream and black, in stock)


It is, after all going to be part of a milestone of your life. Be it you're wearing it for your solemnization, or an hour of tea ceremony, or even just for your engagement shoot, it will stay as a memory you'll hold. With that, surely you deserve to have a well designed, a choice essence of what reflects you, even if it's just for an hour or two affair. 

Also, by keeping the production low, we're able to ensure more quality pieces for you. 

The fabrics we use for ALO are also carefully selected, luxurious enough to give you that additional confidence, but not too overwhelming on a woman's frame. If you're planning to wear it for a fairly intimate occasion, this is where you should begin.

So, how do we go about it?

Just like any forms of online shopping, simply:

1. Select your size (based on our ALO size guide)
2. Add to cart
3. Key in your measurements (Pro tip! Highly recommended if you want us to help you find the closest size, as our make-to-order pieces are non-refundable/ exchangeable!)
4. Check out!

Feel free to check with us for sizing details if you're unsure about your measurements before purchasing. For make-to-order designs, it will take 21 to 28 days to reach you via a trusted courier after your order is placed. 

Happy shopping! 

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