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Magic Padded Sticky Bra

Magic Padded Sticky Bra

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If you are looking for a stick on bra that gives the perfect curves for your wedding day, try BOOMBA’s Magic Padded Sticky Bra that is uniquely designed to add cup sizes discreetly with it's natural padding,  creating a natural fuller look. It is designed with a front clasp closure for a more defined cleavage, with sloped padding and deeper V-cut for a natural enhanced look, making it extremely suitable for any backless and strapless clothing designs. These padded sticky bras are lightweight and breathable with a seamless fit, delivery all-day comfort. It is reusable and washable up to 20 times

These products are not recommended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin.


 The Magic Padded Sticky Bra is currently available in beige, B cup sizing. 


Instructions :

STEP 1 : Ensure skin is clean and free from all oils and skin residue. Stick the inserts onto the inside of your clothing item.

STEP 2 : Put the clothing item on and adjust breasts to desired height and position.

STEP 3 : Stick inserts onto skin and press firmly to secure. Tighten garment if possible for best results.

Sizing Chart :

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