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Ultra Boost Inserts

Ultra Boost Inserts

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BOOMBA's Ultra Boosts Inserts are triangular-shaped padded stick ons that work best for plunging necklines. It will help to boost up to 2 cup sizes instantly, while still looking natural and keeping it comfortable. With their patented double-sided adhesive, it is sure to stay put while keeping the clothing in place, preventing any nipple slips in low cut tops. These inserts are extremely suitable for pre-wedding shoots and wedding days as it is sweat & water resistant, making sure it will last through the entire busy day.

Unlike a sticky bra that is supported by the adhesive, BOOMBA inserts are supported by the clothing and cannot stay up by themselves. It is crucial to wear them in tight, structured, and fitted bodice.

These inserts are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding



Instructions :

Like traditional inserts, BOOMBA inserts need to be used inside clothing. They cannot be used by themselves. 

STEP 1 : Ensure skin is clean and free from all oils and skin residue. Stick the inserts onto the inside of your clothing item.

STEP 2 : Put the clothing item on and adjust breasts to desired height and position.

STEP 3 : Stick inserts onto skin and press firmly to secure. Tighten garment if possible for best results.


Sizing Charts :

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